Field Coordinator - Bangladesh

Job Summary:

Responsible for coordinating, consolidating and ensuring smooth implementation of program and operations’ activities and adherence to logistic, human resource, administration and security procedures.  Field coordinator reports to President.

This position is located in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh. 


  • Works in conjunction with the clinical coordinator
  • Orient volunteer providers to clinic processes on-site
  • Give guidance to volunteer providers, particularly in the following areas: appropriate referrals, resources in the camp, appropriate diagnosis and treatment in resource-limited environments, commonly seen tropical medicine conditions 
  • Create reports for MedGlobal as well as for donors about clinic activities
  • Attend relevant meetings with other NGOs and stakeholders (health cluster, UNFPA, etc.)
  • Meet and communicate with interested parties regarding potential clinic activities, including potential or current donors
  • Maintain contact Partner NGO for issues including staffing and supply issues, volunteer transportation and accommodation, and troubleshoot any potential issues
  • Build partnerships with other NGOs and continue to investigate resources available in the camp /local area
  • Manage finances and receipts
  • Draft and submit grants for funding to expand clinic / project capacity
  • Oversee clinic activities in the event the field coordinator is absent or sick
  • Active role in planning for new / special projects, including but not limited to the following:
  • Dental program
  • Surgical teams
  • Special projects for volunteers (e.g., graduate student projects, etc.)
  • Psychosocial services
  • Help create processes for clinic functions with input from the field coordinator/MG leadership. 
  • Act as a resource to disseminate information to potential or upcoming volunteers
  • Maintain inventory of medication and supply purchases, and act as main purchaser for supplies
  • Take inventory of supplies brought to clinic and record on spreadsheet
  • Take inventory at end of day for medications / supplies that need restocking
  • Provide quality control and guidance to Hope staff/volunteers, including registration staff regarding registration processes
  • Cataloguing and organizing all medications/supplies brought by volunteers into a master inventory spreadsheet 
  • Prepare supplies that need to be brought to clinic based on needs identified on previous clinic day 
  • Perform orientation to new volunteers (at least weekly, more often if volunteers arrive on different days)
  • Respond to issues surrounding volunteer transport (stranded at airport, flight delayed and needs pick-up time changed, etc.) **
  • Daily logistics and on-going issues. This includes making purchases for clinic, arranging for volunteer pick-up, meeting vendors to arrange for payments for medications, etc.
  • Contribute to MedGlobal social media presence


  • US/UK/European Trained
  • Substantial knowledge regarding program management on a field level
  • Substantial knowledge of standard logistics procedures and practices required
  • Good understanding of financial & HR procedures required
  • Excellent communication and representative skills (oral, written, cultural)
  • Ability to multitask and deal with stressful situations
  • Ability to adapt within working environment
  • Ability to work in a team setting
  • Bengali speaking –recommended but not required
  • Minimum 1 year field experience
  • Minimum 1 year previous NGO managerial position

How to Apply

Email with a CV and cover letter.