MedGlobal Establishes Rohingya Emergency Response


October 6, 2017

Press inquiries:

Dr. Naveed Iqbal; +44 7583 189328

Dr. Zaher Sahloul; +1 708 935 6723


Today marks the first of many MedGlobal missions to provide medical aid to the Rohingya refugees. Eleven doctors from the U.S. and UK will deploy near Cox’s Bazar in eastern Bangladesh, in a refugee camp bordering Myanmar with over 200,000 refugees. This is MedGlobal’s second humanitarian mission, following last month’s Yemen mission.

The scale of the Rohingya crisis has outpaced the international humanitarian community. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees called the Rohingya situation the “most urgent refugee emergency in the world.” At least 300,000 are in makeshift camps without proper shelter from monsoon rains and severe heat, and the refugees—most of whom are women and children—are without potable water and hygiene facilities. The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned of a high risk in water-born diseases, including cholera outbreaks. According to the UN, at least 24,000 women are pregnant or lactating. The government of Bangladesh announced plans to move the country’s 800,000 Rohingya refugees to new a camp near Cox’s Bazar. We encourage members of the press to reach out to highlight the needs and encourage donors and civic leaders to take action.

Our medical mission is conducted in collaboration with our partner organization, Hope for Bangladesh. MedGlobal will be establishing a 40-bed field hospital which includes maternity and children’s sections. Our needs-assessment will allow us to continue to field medical missions to address the humanitarian gaps for this highly vulnerable population.

MedGlobal is an international medical non-profit organization providing sustainable health services to people in need. Our global reach and diversity allows us to operate where few can.

We believe in a world without healthcare disparity.